Rensburg Estate Agent's Website –A Modern web design case study

Rensburg Estate Agent- a well established property management, surveyor, sales and letting agent- who have hundreds of property in their portfolio. They have brunches in Sheffield as well as Manchester.

The objective:

Client wanted a wanted a bespoke website to reflect their prestige and able market their properties along slide the right move and find a property and other well known website. Their requirements for property web portal are as follows:

  • User oriented site capable of executing advance property search query,
  • Advance booking and arranging viewing form, form for requesting more information.
  • Easily maintainable, simple to use , multi user role and capabilities
  • Include news and property feed



I gather all the sample data that will be displayed in the website; I tried to visualize the site layout with sketch and wireframe representation. I have created 8 slides: home page, general page, property search result , single property, property to let/ for sale page slides, request information and booking page , blog page, single post template layout.
Once they were happy with the layout, and approved it. It was time to get coding.rentsburg-listing-page

The solution:

Choosing the right open Source CMS was hardest. Weighing out pro and cons I decided to go for WordPress as this offer user friendly simpler back-end for administrative purpose. I can easily customized and enhanced it without any plug-in.


I estimated it will take approximately 2 weeks to develop the site and 2 days to train them how to use the back-end of the website.single-property-page-design

Color scheme and logo

Rensburg did not have a suitable logo for the site, so they asked me if I could design a logo for them. I asked them about the preference of color and asked them to give me a list of logos they like.

I design a simple 2 color logo and backdrop of the website. They loved the site and logo.