Multimedia Web Design and Development | Freelance Designer

Multimedia web design incorporates audios, videos and animations to deliver an exciting, audio visually stimulating website that catches the eyes of your clients and they keep visiting your website. There are a number of web technologies available, which can be used to develop the multimedia web application. Most commonly used is flash.


I have skill and experience to create dynamic presentation of your company using multimedia programs such as flash; I have a keen eye for details with precision I develop a unique creative, and exciting multimedia solution for you. Contact me for a multimedia web design quote.


Flash: A widely used multimedia tool on the market is Flash. Majority of web surfers already have the Flash player plug-in installed on their browser so they can experience and enjoy the multimedia rich content. Flash is very popular and it has captured the large portion of the World Wide Web. A whole web site can be created using flash instead of HTML, which would be very impressive but it has a downside. If the entire website is developed using flash, it will prevent search engine optimization. To get your website listed in search engine I would recommend using flash selectively.


HTML5: The new web technology provides means to deploy multimedia content without the need of flash. HTML5 is search engine friendly and major modern web browsers are adapting the html 5 specification. I have extensive knowledge of html5 programming language. This site has been developed using html 5.


Video editing: Video editing skill means that I can easily edit your videos and compile them to web ready format. I can give video the Hollywood style effect so it looks fantastic and amazing. I am experience in Adobe premier, Adobe after effect and various other video editing programs


Animation: I can create short animation using 3D software such as cinema4D and add stunning 2D effect using adobe after effect.


I am committed and dedicated about my client websites, with my wide range of skill I can easily design and develop multimedia website for you. Call me on 07971739032 to discuss your multimedia web design and development needs.