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Is your website user friendly, does it work on every screen, that are smart phone, tablets, laptop and..?

Introducing Responsive website design

It is a modern and Powerful web design approach to developing mobile-friendly flexible website that its element, layout, navigation to provide optimal viewing experience when encounter any device. Thus this technique provide pleasant viewing experience across wide variety of small and large screen devices such as Smartphone, tablets , gaming console , laptop , desktop, smart TV and any future device.

Is It worth Investing in Responsive Design?

Infographic Headline “Mobile to overtake fixed Internet access by 2014”
Here is some static from 2013 for you to consider:

  1. 91% of population of the world own a mobile phone
  2. 50% of those users, use mobile as their primary Internet source
  3. 72% of tablet owner use table to buy online.
  4. It is certainly worthwhile to invest in mobile friendly website.

Examples of Website

example of Responsive wweb design
Highly optimized seo friendly Responsive website
Iqbal’ website

Developing Responsive websites

Over the past years I was deeply involved in developing mobile-friendly, search engine friendly responsive websites using the latest HTML5 and CSS3 technology. I am experience in using popular responsive frameworks as well as I have developed my own framework using SCSS, Compass and “SUSY SCSS”.
Your existing website can be retrofitted with a responsive web design cost effectively. Optimize and Streamline your sites scripts and content.
If you like to find out more or thinking of Hiring a freelance web developer please contact me now.