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WordPress is bloging is a platform that will allow you to market your product in throughout social media network. Writing fresh new articles about your product, ideas, thought, objective, event and service you provide, it will have positive impact on Google ranking for your website.  Having a high rank in Google means high volume of traffic directed to your web site, result is increase in sales.

I have experience in enhancing blog features, functionality and customizing to your business need.  Integrating the blog with social media network such as Facebook, Tweeter and DIGG. The socially focused site DIGG has high interaction with blog, generating organic inbound link to your web site.


Blog offers the followings:

  • Fresh personalized marketing approach and an effective marketing tool
  • Fresh content
  • Personal sales approach
  • Search engine friendly content.


Blogs and social media are changing the way organizations communicate with the strategic publics such as employees, customers, stockholders, communities, governments and other stakeholders.

Opportunity to know your employees, customers, communities at personal level and interact with them.

Opportunity to raise your company profile al a global level.Blog WordPress

Opportunity to influence, contribute to debate and publish your personal opinion about market, product, services and brand.


Social media is revolutionizing the globe. Here is opportunity to be part of the revolution and take advantage of it.


Get ahead of your competitor.