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Project: Brochure web Design, wordpress

Client: Hanifah Balti House is a contemporary Indian takeaway serving Sheffield. They already have web presence with partner websites (just eat, hungry house) however they wanted a website of their own.

They came to me looking for an impressive, professional design that incorporated a customer feedback system. They also wanted a web site that can be maintain without any technical knowledge.


The logo was design using simple concept: middle part of their name, “BALTI” which is their brand.

I design and develop a graphic rich website using core open source wordpress platform

Visit the Hanifah Balti House website

The new website features include.

  • Fresh new design
  • Table less design for performance
  • Social network integration
  • Custom page, cms
  • Easy to use and maintain
  • Feedback system

The web application was develop using the following application, programming languages and skills,

  • Php
  • mysql
  • xhtml
  • css2.1

Photoshop was use for wireframe and web design

Fireworks were used for slicing and web image optimization.

Testimony: I was really impressed with the website. The web design is cool and it demonstrates to us that you clearly understood what we required. Also, thanks for the great support. We know we can (and do) count on you.
R ali
Hanifah Balti house