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If you are a freelance web designer you must know about these resources. There are thousands of free web design resources available on the web which can lead to an overwhelming experience when looking for inspiration or ideas. I have handpicked the best resource from the web for freelance web designer.


Top of the list is Adobe Kuler for your web design theme.

Adobe kuler
Whether you are a design professional or a beginner, there will always be a situation, where it’s hard to find the right colour theme for a project. This is where Kuler comes in. Kuler not only provides a huge number of colour themes, it’s also build on an active community, which creates and publishes the colour palettes that can give you a boost of  inspiration and It is the best free tool that can be used to design colour scheme very quickly.

2. W3C

Most web designers will never need to know all the ins and outs that govern web standards, but the W3C website remains an essential place to visit. Not only does it provide access to specifications (including explanations and examples), but it also offers tools such as mark-up and CSS validators.

3. Adobe Browserlab
Browser lab
Adobe BrowserLab allows you to easily conduct browser compatibility testing and preview web pages across popular browsers across different platforms (Windows and OS X are currently supported). Compare screenshots side-by-side or overlaid upon one another, and utilize diagnostic tools to help discover cross-browser differences. The service can access dynamic pages across the web, or viewed locally via Firebug or Adobe Dreamweaver CS5. BrowserLab is updated frequently to enhance the service and provide access to a fresh and relevant set of browsers.


4. Web Designer talk

A forum for designers to discuss ideas and get feedback on graphic and web design.Furthermore it is Dedicated to sharing web design knowledge..

If you are a freelance web designer you must visit this forum.

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