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Building a perfectly optimized page!


“On the tea table I really talk a lot about web design, my work. Working as a freelance web designer it is natural for me to talk about web design rather than medicine which my MRS’s specialty. ”


If you are an SEO guy, you probably understood the implication of above paragraph.   Building a perfectly keyword optimized page could not be easier than talking about thing you do or like, what do you do? You repeat your keyword phrase over and over. Keep in mind, do not go overboardand lose the readability of your web page, it should be natural.


The most important factor all web designers should consider when doing On-page SEO


  1. Page Title

Very important on-page keyword elements; Page title carries lot of weight in search engine. So you should put the desire keyword term/phrases in here.

Web designer pearl of wisdom: Every web page should have unique title.

  1. Heading

Web Designer Guide to SeoUse H1 tag to wrap your top heading

  1.  H2-H6 tag use them appropriately
  2. Alt Attribute – Surprisingly, the alt attribute, carry a lot of SEO weight so you should target and deploy your desired term in the alt attribute of the img tag.

Web designer pearl of wisdom: Every image/photo must have alt tag.


  1. Bold/ strong/ italic, Appear to curry tiny amount of value in SEO.
  2. Keyword density. It impossible to tell what is ideal density for search engine high ranking. You can make a educated guess. In my opinion it should be abound 2-5%.


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