Web Designer Impulse

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A picture perfect impulse, fuel my obsession
With burning desire I run after herweb designer impulse
-“The creative web design
To say hello!


As the sun about to set on the western horizon,
A dazzling ray of red color, seems to come into life,
With fascination I draw a road map,
So I can navigate around the interest.
Ponder for a while, with twinkle in the web designer eye
What will I do? If she become complex like a maze,
Will I be able to get back home?
By following a trail of breadcrumbs!


I gaze through my glasses upon the blue sky
A dark cloud may pop up, which I like to avoid.
White blue star come into focus, all the fuzziness become clear.
Web design become accessible,
So she can dance now with the dancer Google.

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